1929 & 1930 New Hudson 500cc model 86 motorcycles                                                                            January 2017

3 engines, 2 wheels, 3 gearboxes, 1 1/2 frames, 1 set forks, 2 petrol tanks etc, etc

Spotted at Netley Marsh Sept 2012. As with most New Hudsons, each year was substantially different from the previous or following year. This is really frustrating when you buy a collection of bits, as you realise the reason they were for sale is because they won't all fit together!!! Nevertheless, I jumped in, only to find that I would end up with a 1929 project, and a 1930 project.

Part one of these.........                                  February 2017

1930 model 86 500 ohv

 Factory sales brochure for 1930 excerpt showing the 500cc dry sump model 86. This was the Touring bike, the model 88 was the Sports version.

And part one of these.........                          February 2017

1929 model 86 500 ohv

 Extract from 1929 catalogue, model 86 500 ohv. Total loss oil system. Lighter frame, different petrol tank to 1930.

1930 project

Lots missing from 1930 project

 Large lumps sorted out into a 1930 project. It was at this point I realised the 1929 petrol tank shown here, wouldn't fit the heavy frame of 1930.

Some progress

Same bike, a few more bits.

 This photo shows the 1930 project with a borrowed petrol tank (loaned by Svend from Denmark) of the correct type. Shortly after this photo was taken, I had a copy petrol tank made by Terry Hall. Oil tank was located in Australia and swapped for some 1931 parts (more recently found another oil tank only 50 miles away!).

1929 frame operations                                 February 2017

1928/29 350 ohv rotted out carcass

 Didn't have a frame for the 1929 project, so bought this pile of scrap (literally) to find out what the differences were.This had the remains of Webb forks, legs completely rotted away! My friend Paul in New Zealand came up with 2 main frame sections (need to cut and join due to different faults in each), and the bottom stays to the rear wheel. I've made a set of engine plates, and I will make the top stays for the rear wheel, reusing the cross brace from the pile of rust, brazed to new tubes.

More vintage and veteran motorcycles to come.

New tinware                                                           April 2017

Tinware just arrived

Just got some tinware back from Terry, very pleased with the results. In the photo to the right the original 1930 tinware (borrowed from Svend) is at the bottom, and newly created copies at the top. Quite complex shape, with deep dishing for engine shock absorber. Rear chainguard section made a bit longer than original, to allow for correct fitting on the bike. According to the parts book, the chaincase and chainguard were all one piece - not sure whether to go that far. I'm sure it would make it more difficult to fit.

Inside view                                                             April 2017

Inside view of new chaincase/cover

From this side, you can see that the original has been repaired, but the primary chain has been rubbing. The copy has been given a bit more space by following the curvature inherant from the 2 arcs. Brackets also made a bit bigger/undrilled to allow for fitting.

Unusual oil pump                                                  May 2017

Both versions of Pilgrim DS1 or DS2                             dry sump oil pump

The dry sump engine was introduced about 1928, for the model 88 sports (engine numbers prefixed by DSF). The industry standard total loss Pilgrim oil pump type F or G was replaced by a rarely seen Pilgrim type DS2 pump with a return circuit. In 1928 this was non adjustable, but for 1930 the model 86 (engine numbers prefixed by MSO) also became dry sump, and the oil pump gained an adjuster knob. I've only ever seen one information leaflet reproduced at: http://www.brough-superior.com/ws/frontend/seite/SeiteCms.php?coId=364

Unfortunately, I can't read German! (using an internet translator, evidently the model suffix 1 or 2 not surprisingly, is in relation to direction of rotation, not single/twin cylinder as I originally thought).

Not quite a production line                                Dec 2017

Ducks in a row, New Hudson style.

Forgot about these!

At the same time as the chaincase was made, I borrowed a toolbox for the '29 bike off Svend, and had Terry knock up a couple of copies, as well as repair the original. Not cheap, as there was a lot of tight shaping involved, but far better than I could have managed even if I had found the time. The original and 1 copy went back to Svend, now I need to finish remaking the frame so that I've got something to hang the toolbox on!

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