1934 Levis 500cc Model D motorcycle                                                                                   December 2016/April 2017

Plain side of 1934 500 Levis

 Really need to drag this bike out of the workshop and take a photo. Trouble is, it's rght at the back and I need to clear a route to the door! One day it will happen.

Finally dragged it out, after much rearranging. Not much chance of this getting nicked, it took 2 hours to get it out!

I think the 500 Model D was introduced in 1933 if my memory serves me correctly (although I wasn't around at the time). That would make this bike a "second season" bike. 350s had been around since the late '20s, but the 500 took a bit longer to hit the market. Levis always had a reputation for producing sporty bikes, with quite potent performance, usually on a par with the sportier Nortons. I've heard people say the 500 Levis will outperform all standard 500 Nortons (bar the International and Manx models), but I will reserve judgement until I put it back on the road. I bought it after my Dad died, with a little bit of money he left me. The previous owner had used it as a vintage trials bike, but I must say I wouldn't have been keen - the rear brake is non existent, and the forks have massive amounts of play.

More about vintage and veteran motorcycles to come.


Single or twin port?                                                April 2017

Prettier side (until the exhaust system goes on the other side)

The bike came with 2 spare engines, 2 incomplete spare frames, a spare set of forks (part restored) and loads of other stuff.

Levis were never a volume manufacturer, part of their publicity campaign was that even in the '30s, they were hand built. Not sure of the front wheel - maybe Blumfield, rear wheel Enfield, with the 8" brake, and Druid centre spring front forks.

The bike currently has a single port head, but there is at least 1 twin port head (which I prefer the appearance of). Not enough bits to build a second bike, but plenty of swops.

If anyone has any spares, I'm looking for a rear stand, toolboxes, and footrests, and I've got lots to trade.

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