Last Entry

Watch this space.........come the end of December 2017, I will be creating a new site which will follow straight on from where I leave off on 31st. We'll have had a few days over a full 12 months of waffle by then (it's gone better than I thought), so if you want to follow over to the new site to see if I ever get any of these projects back on the road, I'd be very pleased to welcome you in.

I'll put a direct link here to the new site, but if you are new to this site, please don't short-cut, as you need to walk the journey with me. I hope you'll find it infectious (needless to say, I find great joy in old motorcycles, their owners, and history).


OK folks, the new address for 2018 is one you'd never guess in a million years:

Not much on there yet, but it will build as the year progresses.